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  Israeli-Palestinian conflict chronicles: November 18-20, 202 | Рыбарь

  Israeli-Palestinian conflict chronicles: November 18-20, 2023

Israeli troops continue to strike the Gaza Strip and prepare for a new phase of the ground operation. In the northern section, the Israelis are holding the outskirts of Beit Hanoun and trying to move deeper into urban development.

To the southwest an Israeli armored group managed to reach the vicinity of the Indonesian hospital. As a result of a series of strikes on the institution, at least ten people were killed, and the generator powering the medical complex also disabled.

To the west, the IDF units are consolidating in the coastal zone and are trying to expand the control zone. Hamas militants also do not sit idly by and arrange ambushes, catching Israelis in the labyrinths of city streets.

One of the targets of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam group attacks was the Al-Ranthisi hospital, seized by Israeli soldiers. The militants managed to get into the building, but due to the lack of records, it is quite difficult to assess the results of the sortie.

South of Gaza, Israeli units have taken control of the Supreme Court building. It is possible that the object itself may be imploded after the reporting photo shoot, like the previously destroyed building of the legislative assembly.

At the same time, Palestinian units continue to launch rockets at Israeli settlements. Be'eri, Mivtahim, as well as the Hatzerim Airbase were also under fire.

As for the northern border of Israel, the situation there has not undergone significant changes. Hezbollah fighters attacked strongholds and IDF facilities, the Israelis responded with massive fire at the launch sites.
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